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A Complete VAT Compliance Solutions


The eVATPROTM solution is a secure solution hosted on the cloud with zero start-up time, with facility for easy creation, submission, storage and retrieval of VAT data.

eVATPROTM is a intelligent VAT compliance solution enabling businesses prepare and file accurate and timely VAT returns.

eVATPROTM is also available as Computation Engine with API integration to work with accounting systems and ERP solutions.

eVATPROTM comes with an extremely easy to understand user interface. The system does not burden the user with difficult terminology, but enables easy navigation through the various computation and filing requirements.

eVATPROTM is developed and deployed entirely on a cloud infrastructure enabling subscribed businesses monitor status 24/7 and effect mismatch reconciliation.

eVATPROTM offers SMS and Email Integration providing transaction based updates to participating businesses and customers. Transactions covered include Account update, Return filing deadline, Transactions done on the website etc.

eVATPROTM works on the VAT engine which uses a combination of tax codes and conditional processing of data.

The six countries in the Gulf Region namely United Arab Emirates (UAE), Kingdom of Bahrain, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Sultanate of Oman, State of Qatar and State of Kuwait, have formed the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) with an aim to create relations with regard to various field. For example, customs duties are payable at the first point of entry into the GCC and thereafter goods can freely move within the boundaries of the GCC.

The GCC countries have developed a unified legal framework for the introduction of a general tax on consumption in the GCC known as VAT (Value Added tax). The GCC views this tax as an alternate source of income and to generate revenue for spending on public welfare.

While we wait for the regulations to be released by the UAE the law has been released and provides sufficient detail to enable businesses to get ready and be compliant as on 01 January 2018.

The VAT Law released contains stringent and high penalties for non-compliance make it essential that business ensure they are in a state of readiness. The short duration available prior to January 2018 makes it essential that adequate steps are taken timely.

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